Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New website!!

I have been thinking a lot lately about this blogging adventure and what I would like to see for the future of Life on a Little Hill. I have so much more to share, and have decided we need a more permanent home. To that end have created! All future posts will be there! 

I am so excited to have you visit the new site and to get some new posts up soon! Thank you to everyone who has been reading! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Teaching Organizer Freebie!

One of my many dreams is to one day be completely organized in every aspect of my life: home, church, boys, husband, god children, bills, blog, birthdays, Young Living, teaching... should be a piece of cake, right?! Haha!

Since I am on summer break, I now have some breathing room to at least think about next school year. (One thing at a time!) Aside from getting all of my lessons ready, I need something to keep me organized on a day to day basis. This past year I created a weekly teacher calendar for my two classes. One side has a Monday-Friday section for each classes lesson notes, and the other side has several different note-taking sections as well as short term and long term reminders. Next year I will be teaching World Literature and Pre-AP English, so being organized will be a necessity!

I have put the for on my brand new Teachers Pay Teachers site as a free download- if this is something that might work for you, feel free to snag it! Hopefully, I will be getting more things up there within the next few weeks. If you are a teacher friend... stay tuned!