Monday, June 1, 2015

Teaching Organizer Freebie!

One of my many dreams is to one day be completely organized in every aspect of my life: home, church, boys, husband, god children, bills, blog, birthdays, Young Living, teaching... should be a piece of cake, right?! Haha!

Since I am on summer break, I now have some breathing room to at least think about next school year. (One thing at a time!) Aside from getting all of my lessons ready, I need something to keep me organized on a day to day basis. This past year I created a weekly teacher calendar for my two classes. One side has a Monday-Friday section for each classes lesson notes, and the other side has several different note-taking sections as well as short term and long term reminders. Next year I will be teaching World Literature and Pre-AP English, so being organized will be a necessity!

I have put the for on my brand new Teachers Pay Teachers site as a free download- if this is something that might work for you, feel free to snag it! Hopefully, I will be getting more things up there within the next few weeks. If you are a teacher friend... stay tuned!

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