Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week at a Glance

In my years of attempting to be "Super-Homemaker," a combination of Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker, I have figured something out about myself: I am a planner, but not much of a do-er. I can create the most detailed weekly schedule for myself, and never get everything accomplished. I have tried so many different types of planners and organizers that I should have bought stock in Franklin Covey! I have tried programs such as Flylady, and have downloaded so many printables from Pinterest, but spent way more time creating and beautifying my binder than I did using it.

Previous weekly schedules have broken down my chores per day, including a small list to accomplish before going to bed. Everything fit together perfectly to make a master plan for a perpetually beautiful home and amazing meals on the table every evening. However, I failed again. If I didn't get my list done for one day, my perfectionism told me that the week was a bust. It was too much to try to catch up the next day, and there are always unexpected things to throw a wrench in the mix. The guilt grew each day because I wasn't getting enough done for my home and family. Of course I was getting SOME things done, but not enough, and not on the right days (I feel like I am channeling Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory here). As I write this, I can see how crazy I sound and that it shouldn't be this complicated. And it shouldn't.

After a few months of being home with Little Man, I have decided to simplify my weekly schedule. Knowing that I won't look at 3 different lists, no matter how cute they are, I created a one page list for my weekly housework and meal planning. This Week at a Glance has several elements, but most importantly everything is in ONE PLACE. The plan is to laminate the page and keep it on the fridge. Then as I accomplish things during the day I can cross them off with a dry-erase marker. My goal is to have everything done by the end of the week- however and whenever I can get it done. I have daily goals, but instead of breaking weekly chores down by each day, I will just have a list to work on as I can through the work week. Hopefully a little flexibility and freedom will get me out of my head more and actually doing things that benefit my family and my home.

I have attached my prototype, in case you want to try this along with me. I can change chores, fonts, and colors, so let me know if I can customize something for you! We'll see how this goes! Happy cleaning!

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  1. This is so nice, Amanda! A really great idea. I also stay home, and feel the need to accomplish something every day, and to keep the house in good order. It's my job! And I love it, but over the years I have struggled with some of the same issues you have. I have settled on a rolling to-do list. I look at it at breakfast, add things, check things off and go over my calendar. Everything, large or small, goes on thie list. Sometimes, when I am feeling ambitious, I decide to tackle the least appealing thing first. I call this "eating my daily frog." Sometimes, my everyday chores are so time consuming for the day, that I decide to skip the frog. Mostly, there's a lot of self-discipline involved. Reading, knitting, crocheting, and spinning are all of my carrots. I can only do them when I have gotten all my daily chores done and eaten my frog for the day.

  2. Your meals list reminded me of the Langerwerf house:) Remember how Linda had the whole month planned out on a calendar? I always thought it was so cool!